Blast from the Past -Therm-O-Matic Pamphlet

Although most of this system has been changed/removed/modified on The Ghost, I thought the documentation from the day is fairly interesting memorabilia. The control panel with “Therm-O-Matic” is still up at the drivers position and turns on/off the blower for the heating unit. The vents above the front headsign have been blocked off and the front foot vents have been removed.

These heat channels where the air flowed above the windows were the favorite hiding grounds for the rats/mice that inhabited the bus throughout it’s past. I have removed them through the galley in preparation for proper galley shelves. This has also been removed in the bedroom area as the engine heat supplied ventilation channels are not needed back there. I still ponder the idea of removing the factory ceiling mounted heater core in favor for some more headroom in the drivers position. We’ll see if I ever cross that bridge.