About The Ghost

The Ghost, a 35ft 1955 General Motors model TDH-4512, started its life working hard on the East Coast as a Newark New Jersey city transit bus PSCT #K382. New evidence seems to indicate that it also served some time with the City of Vancouver transit system as a city bus. It eventually fell into the hands of many private owners. Somewhere in its past, a ‘band bus’ style conversion was performed and then the bus was put into storage deep in the PNW after being saved from the crusher, then abandoned.

After an eventful rescue, The Ghost is now an Oregon resident, undergoing well needed maintenance  restoration, and retrofitting to be part RV, part party bus, part mobile event operations center. This conversion will, undoubtedly  be ongoing so don’t miss the opportunity to catch a ride or pop your head in if you see it!


  • Engine: Detroit 6-71 Inline 6-Cylinder Naturally Aspirated 2-stroke Diesel w/ 4-valve head, N65 Brown Injectors, Advanced Timing, and Jacob Brakes
  • 6 into 1 Manifold w/ 5″ Exhaust w/ Walker 22917 Muffler (modified inlet position)
  • Transmission: Allison VS2-8 V-Drive Automatic Transmission w/ Overdrive & Custom Override Solenoids
  • Fuel System: 90 Gallon Fuel Tank w/ Primary and Secondary Fuel Filters, Fuel Pressure Gauge, and Electric Priming Pump
  • Suspension: Air-Ride w/ Two Air Bags per Corner.
  • Steering: Manual.
  • Brakes: Air Brakes Upgraded to E3 Foot Valve and Maxi Rear Brakes (with Parking/Emergency Valve). Also Driveline Mounted Manual Parking Brake
  • Air Compressor: Tru Flo 700
  • Body: Mixture of Aluminium Skin and Steel Members Riveted w/ Unibody type Structure
  • Backup Camera: Pyle PLCM36
Interior Design:
  • Climate Control: Closed Loop Liquid Heating System (Diesel Fired SouthBend Hydronic Heater) w/ Remote Heater Cores & A/C Via Two Coleman Mach I Roof-Top AC Units & Ventilation via Two Fantastic Fans w/ Rain Sensors
  • Water: 125 Gallon Marine Fresh Water Tank w/ Pre Filter, Pressure Pump, Accumulator, and Drinking Water Tap w/ Filter. Hot Water via 10 Gallon Atwood DSI Propane Water Heater (with 120V Element)
  • Chassis Electrical: 12V Negative Ground (converted from positive ground)
  • House Electrical: 24V Negative Ground 320Ahr SLA w/ Magnum MSH4024M Hybrid Inverter Charger and Xantrex Battery Monitor
  • Two 250W Solar Panels Roof Mounted w/ 20A 24 volt charge controller
  • 24V to 12V Converter Modified for 13.8V output (Charges Chassis off House)
  • Refrigeration: 12/24V Vitrifrigo Undercounter Unit w/ Remote Danfoss Compressor and Eco Controller
  • Head: Sealand Toilet Traveler Lite 210 Tall w/ Custom 55Gal Stainless Blackwater Tank
  • Queen Ikea Memory Foam Mattress on Custom Elevated Frame over Water Tank
  • Interior Lighting: LED Converted Factory Glass Fixtures
  • Black Water Tank: 55 Gallon Custom Built Stainless Steel w/ 10″ cleanout
  • Grey Water Tank: 70 Gallon Aluminium Tank w/ Level Sender
  • Daewoo Microwave Ceiling Mounted in Kitchen

Exterior Design:

  • LED Turn/Brake Lighting on Front/Rear
  • LED Side Marking Lighting to Current DOT Requirements
  • Roof Platform for Stowage/Rooftop Dining
  • Window Tinting All Sides Excluding Drivers Area


6 thoughts on “About The Ghost

  1. I’m friends with Zach grey. I am glad and jealous that it is being taken care of!
    I can’t wait to see what you do with it, and its really cool to see and be a part of its history.


    • Justin! Get your ass out here for Mogfest and see it first hand! I’m pretty sure the hummus can wait!

  2. I have enjoyed reading about your adventured with your 4512 (the pleasant ones, anyway). The GM old looks are great buses. I have owned a couple: a TDH5106 and a TDM5108 and had a lot of fun with them. I now have a 1967 SDM5302 (fishbowl suburban), which is also a great bus. Good luck with your project!


    • Hey Charles,

      Yep it’s a labor of love but I’ll take an old vehicle needing work versus a new one waiting to break. 🙂

      Hope ya tune in from time to time. The fishbowls are quite fun!


  3. I have an 71 gmc fishbowl with a 8cyl, supercharged,and a three speed auto transmission,not sure what it is,it has push button F,N,R, and an switch for 1st 2nd and 3rd,well going up a steep grade it lost all forward power,engine still running fine,nuetral light was flashing,battery went dead,any idea from anyone what might have happened?

    • Sounds like you may have lost enough voltage and the transmission shifted into neutral.

      Check that you have a good solid 12.6V or better at the battery with the engine running. You SHOULD see 13.8-14.2V if you rev it up a bit. If not, I’d start there first. You have a v730/v731 series transmission 🙂

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