2012 – The Ghost Event List

Attempting to document the events The Ghost shall be attending so that those interested can have a peek or ride along. This post will be updated regularly as dates change or events get added.

  • (Feb 3 – 6) WetWesties – Unsuperbowl Campout 2012 – PDX to Nehalem Bay State Park to PDX
  • (May 25 – 28) GOVW – Mudfest 2012 – PDX to Corvallis, OR to PDX
  • (June 21-24) SOAK 2012 – PDX to Prindel Creek Farm to PDX
  • (June 28 – July 4) 4th of Juplaya – PDX to Gerlach, NV to PDX
  • (Aug 15 – 20) NorthWestMogFest – PDX to Sheridan, OR to PDX
  • (October) Burnout 2012 – PDX to Site to PDX

If you are interested in a ride-along, transportation, or want to stop by…feel free to message me. We are often also available to transport goods or offer rides to sites and depending upon distance, usually like a little help w/ fuel or trade.



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