SOAK*2016 & Broken Stuff

Fresh back from The Portland Regional Burning Man Event SOAK*2016, a photo of camp!



A fairly laid back short jaunt out to Tygh Valley, Oregon with only a couple hiccups along the way. We’ve been fighting cooling issues for quite awhile. I recently completely blocked off the bypass tube (since The Ghost has a shutter-stat for the radiator) and this drastically improved our overheating issues.
While exiting off I-84 westbound in The Dalles I noticed something in my mirror. Closer inspection showed that liquid was flying from the area of the exhaust pipe. I snapped my eyes to the temperature gauge and it showed a nominal 184F so we pulled it over and had a gander. What I found damaged was not unexpected. Upon installing the new exhaust system years ago and re-routing heater hoses I had one that was precariously close to the GIANT muffler. I had added abrasion resistance material but I’m sure that is worn through or fallen away. We shut off the lower valve to the heater system and blocked the upper (somewhat haphazardly) with a plastic bag (great material suggestion by Em after my initial glove blockage failed!) . Lots of steam, a coolant top-up, and a few 1st degree burned fingers later, we were back on the road..

Going to have to repair that hose and re-route it somewhere more intelligent. Always a pleasure working under a 20,000lb vehicle.

Our next adventure is the Alvord Desert for some friends/family camping time doing very little but enjoying the scenery and good company. We’ll bring the Haflinger, a land-sailer, and the Trail 90 motorcycle for additional outings. Last year the dude was just over a month old so we’ll see how he fairs this year.

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