The Ghost Update 8/11/2011

Lot’s going on the world of Ghost work!

On the ‘completed’ list, we have the following:
4-valve head installed
Jake Brakes installed (still need to run wire for switch)
Rebuilt Injectors Installed
Coolant Changed
Overdrive Transmission Acquired
Maxi-Brakes Acquired
Bedroom Bed Finished
Bedroom Flooring Installed
Bedroom Door Underway/Built
Kitchen Sink/Faucet Acquired
Kitchen Framed Out
Refrigerator Controller Acquired (for good price!)
Found Power Loss Issue (collapsing govenor to rack control tube)
Water Tank Installed
AC Units Installed and Operational
Acquired Water Pump/Surge Tank/Filters/Drinking Filter
Bedroom Curtains Made!

On the “currently working on” list, we have the following:
Valve Cover Gasket (had to find a different valve cover!)
Govenor Housing Rebuild
Control Tube Replacement (for 4-valve head)
Water Pump Drive Replacement (discovered an immenant failure!)
Rebuild Front Brake Acutators
Building Black Water Tank & Installing
Pouring bathroom floor (sloped for showers)
Frame out Bathroom wall/sink
Install Water Heater
Install Kitchen Sink
Install Stove
Install Refridgerator
Plumb Water System
Install Maxi Brakes and connect to the Switch
Run Jake Brake wiring

On the “potential list” we have:
Install the Overdrive Transmission

This is, of course, in preparation for The Ghost’s virgin Playa Trip down to Black Rock City, NV.

We’ll see how it goes πŸ™‚

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