The Ghost Update 1/25/2012

It’s that time again.

The past week things have really picked up on The Ghost build project. More [fake] wood flooring, framing in additional seating, and working on the dining area have been high on the list. Also been making progress on the various air system leaks and ordering parts to fix up all of the non-critical but very annoying issues with the running gear.

Things off the list:

  • Replaced left window wiper control after attempting repair. E-Bay score for cheap.
  • Sealed around front wheel arches w/ urethane sealer.
  • Removed last of old rubber flooring
  • Skinned last of old interior paneling and removed all old insulation
  • Insulated all walls behind dining area/seating areas/storage area (only kitchen walls, front right corner and curved roof parts remain to be insulated)
  • Flooring completed up to front seating area (including cutout for fuel level sender access)

Currently in progress:

  • Framing in front seating areas
  • Building raised dining room floor & installing seating/table
  • Finishing sealing & insulating on front curved corner (replace window)
  • Install flooring on dining seating area
  • Refueling fuel tank
  • Repairing overdrive spring
  • Re-tuning governor

Near term to-be-completed:

  • Put edging on kitchen counters
  • Build upper two drawers and prepare for shelving below (in kitchen area)
  • Cap off line causing small leak in old automatic brake regulator valve.
  • Replace air-bag leveling valve on left rear and front (if leaking)
  • Replace drivers-side mirror with new one like on passenger side (heated school bus mirrors)
  • Re-Gasket front windows
  • Install heating units (forward, mid, and aft)
  • Install hydronic heater & tank

Lots more I’m probably forgetting, but at least that gets you up to speed!


Most of this push is getting the coach nicely prepared for the WetWesties UnsuperBowl campout at Nehalem Bay State Park in Nehalem, OR. I’ve attended since 2007 and the past year brought The Ghost as a party/food/chill space for close friends and family.

Expect to see us there again!

Check back soon!

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