Fresh Full Tank of Diesel Fuel

Haven’t seen one of these in awhile…

Filled the fuel tank to the tip top at Fred Meyers in Millwaukie, OR for $3.68 a gallon (that included our $0.10/pre gallon credit we had standing). Coach took almost exactly 60 gallons of fuel (in two fills).

A spendy fuel bill, but this tank will easily get us well into summer, including SOAK and this weekends campout at Nehalem Bay State Park.

Also beginning to think that the tank is not the advertised 100+gallons and more along the lines of a 75-80 gallon tank. Since I just had dropped the tank to do the cleaning service recently, I suspected <5 gallons remained in the tank. Then added 10 post cleaning and the 60 at the station. Strange, smaller than I expected.

Check back soon!


4 thoughts on “Fresh Full Tank of Diesel Fuel

  1. Saw you pulling out of Fred Meyer that day after getting fuel. We pulled in behind you in our car as you were pulling out, and I snapped a photo of your bus with my cell phone. I’ve been looking at and thinking about buying a bus conversion, I tend to like the 4106’s. I found your blog by accident and am glad to hear you are local.

    • Hello,

      Glad you stumbled across the blog. That was our first fuel trip after cleaning the fuel tank, still fighting power issues (apologies for being so slow).

      Feel free to follow the blog or message me with any questions you might have about conversions. I’m fairly familiar with the older buses. The 4106 is very popular!



  2. The above replier sent me a photo of you guys at FM getting fuel. I HAVE a converted 35′ `48 Gillig, we should meet.

    • Mike,

      Fire it off to my email listed below and I can post it up here. I give the credit to Scott?

      brandon314 (at) gmail (dot) com

      Where about are you located? Me and the wife live out in Gladstone, OR. Feel free to email me.



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