Pre-Mogfest/Burning-Man Trip Upgrades

A short list of attempted repairs/upgrades. We’ll see how far through the list we actualy get.

  • Replace Engine Water Pump – This started leaking out the shaft seal at Alvord but hasn’t leaked since. A replacement has already been acquired.
  • Adjust slack adjusters on brakes
  • Convert new-to-us front air-conditioner to function with residential thermostat
  • Finish cleaning and painting CockPit Area
  • Re-mount HAM & CB Radio
  • Re-mount driver electric fan
  • Re-mount backup camera screen
  • Add rubber air-dam under radiator to prevent mixing at low speed
  • Insulate around front Fantastic Fan
  • Connect front Fantastic Fan to power source
  • Mount bedroom 12V LED reading light
  • Fix sliding bedroom door
  • Vibration isolate potable water pump
  • Add additional LED light strip in kitchen
  • Build curtain rod and mount for Miles sleeping zone
  • Cig socket in bedroom
  • Fix Satellite Radio power Cord (or replace)

I’m sure more projects will present themselves…whee!

Interior Documenting August 2012

Some quick photos of the inside and current build state before Burning Man 2012.


I am right in the middle of finishing out the bathroom enough to have a decent shower space so that plus the kitchen sink area is a bit under construction…

View looking forward from entry door landing:


View of the kitchen from the entry landing:


Seating area (stock bus seats from the 50’s), lightly elevated for breaking up single plane interior:


Drivers position (dash not yet fixed in place with screws):


Drivers control panel/seat/steering wheel/pedals:


View from the front facing back towards the bedroom/bathroom w/ sliding door open (dining room chairs lightly tilted to help keep people ‘in the seat’.


Kitchen view from the front. Sink/stove/fridge visible, not yet framed for storage or drawers/power equipment:


Bathroom current status (removed upper advertisement panels), ready for insulation and plastic wall material behind toilet.



Thanks for checking in!

Window Tinting!

After last year’s desert excursion (Burning Man 2011) and with our recent visit to 4th of Juplaya (2012), we decided that window tinting was now upgraded to a MUST HAVE to be able to survive in a metal tube (with glass windows) in the desert.

I picked up some ‘somewhat’ reasonably reviewed Gilla window tinting from Lowes (similar price to Amazon) and while it isn’t rated for automotive applications, should work nicely on the RV application. It is an actual adhesive (not static cling) and installs just like it would on a car (soapy solution + plastic knife). The results have been quite decent for single pane glass. I first did a rear bedroom window (directly facing into the sun) and it made a 10-12 degree F difference in surface temperature (on the white mattress). The glass had a slightly higher temperature but when viewing from the outside, it is obvious that the tint/thermal management film is doing it’s job (good rejection).

This, combined with the white painting that is happening, should DRASTICALLY improve interior temperatures of the coach in the summer heat in the desert. We don’t often open the windows at Burning Man (bad dust) so having them closed with this film should help the situation. I’m hoping it will be decent enough for us to not need to run our solar reflectors (silver bubble wrap) inside the windows as well but we shall see. The overall ‘tint’ of the windows isn’t that substantial however the reflective rejection properties are pretty decent.

For your consideration, tinted on the left, non-tinted on the right. Noticeable difference. I haven’t tinted the upper smaller windows yet.

I should have the rest finished off in the next couple nights!



Thanks for checkin’ in!

Gray Ghost No More!


Quick update as I begin the roof-to-beltline painting of marine epoxy high gloss white on The Ghost. This will MASSIVELY help with interior thermal management and also with cleaning/etc.

For perspective, the gray roof gets so hot in full sun that I cannot hold my hand to it (120F+). The white roof on the Volkswagen Riveria nearby (same paint) is ambient (80-85F) temperature when touched in the same sun. The paint I’m using is Petit brand Easypoxy High Gloss White. It’s not cheap, but with a Port Supply account and some wheeling and dealing, I can get it about 1/2 price (gallon can retails over $120). It is deigned for boat top-side paint. It has to be applied in 2-3 thin coats over a few days for the finish to fully cure and be rock hard. This stuff is highly recommended if you have metal/wood/fiberglass that you want to seal/cover. Preparation for paint involves a pneumatic disk sander (for auto body work) and some medium grit disks. I’m also wire brushing all loose flakes/spots off before a good blast with pressure air to clean. I’m simply foam/bristle brushing it on and will low nap roller it on once I hit the large open areas.

I will be doing the whole length of the bus in this to the beltline to start the paint match to the original delivered color scheme (white, navy blue stripe, gray below). It should make things much cooler in the desert when done. Thanks for checkin’ in!

Thinking about Paint

Been thinking about a paint scheme for The Ghost

Was linked to a few pictures of the coach as factory delivered. Stock:

Here’s a photo of one shortly after delivery (color change for following years):

Color Change Later On

I’m personally leaning more towards the first photo as I like the grey/white/navy-blue almost black color stripe. Simple, clean, easy to hide imperfections. Will have to fix the head-sign back so I can put cool messages up there. Also like to produce a nice emblem for the middle section instead of “Public Service”

Hum. Thoughts?