2012 – The Ghost Event List

Attempting to document the events The Ghost shall be attending so that those interested can have a peek or ride along. This post will be updated regularly as dates change or events get added.

  • (Feb 3 – 6) WetWesties – Unsuperbowl Campout 2012 – PDX to Nehalem Bay State Park to PDX
  • (May 25 – 28) GOVW – Mudfest 2012 – PDX to Corvallis, OR to PDX
  • (June 21-24) SOAK 2012 – PDX to Prindel Creek Farm to PDX
  • (June 28 – July 4) 4th of Juplaya – PDX to Gerlach, NV to PDX
  • (Aug 15 – 20) NorthWestMogFest – PDX to Sheridan, OR to PDX
  • (October) Burnout 2012 – PDX to Site to PDX

If you are interested in a ride-along, transportation, or want to stop by…feel free to message me. We are often also available to transport goods or offer rides to sites and depending upon distance, usually like a little help w/ fuel or trade.



Ghost Fueling 2012/02/24

Another fueling session for The Ghost before the fuel prices go even more sky high.


Took on 47 gal at a total of $192.50. That puts our MPG somewhere between 7.5-8. This is mostly due to the overdrive being damaged and not having the rack setup properly to climb over hills in direct drive (burning lots of HP off in the torque converter).

Rebuilding the stock Delco Remy Horn

Below are some photos of the stock Delco Remy horn off The Ghost. This was factory installed to operate when the center-of-the-wheel horn button was pressed. At some point in The Ghost’s past, someone also installed a very powerful single-tone air-horn on the roof with a pull-chain style valve. That has worked so far, however having the stock horn would be fun.

It is currently non-functional however I will keep updating this post as I bring it back to life.




The Ghost Update 2/17/2012

Quick update from The Ghost build/restoration front!


The two new (although one leaking viscous fluid) leveling valves are holding it steadily in a flat state…no heavy list to port like used to happen. FINALLY!

The replacement leveling valve for the leaky one arrived in the mail so I will install that and attempt to repair/re-fluid the failed one for use on the front. It would appear the front check valve has give up and the front end is on the stops already.

Investigating the overdrive issue…and also looking into re-setting the rack after last weeks’ discovery.


Check back in soon!